Day time running light

I have an '04 Suburban that has a driver side day time running light out. I’ve attempted to replace the bulb but can’t seem to figure out how to get the assembly out to access the bulb. Anyone know how?

Hopefully your vehicle has the same setup.

I’ve taken these instructions from my Haynes repair manual (#24066). ('99 thru 2005 Silverado/Sierra) It also covers Tahoes.

Turn signal/side marker/daytime running lights: (underhood) Twist the headlight housing mounting rods (located right behind the headlight housing) out of their clips and pull them straight up to disengage the housings from the vehicle.

Push in on the (plastic) spring clip securing one end of the turn signal housing, then swing the housing out away from the vehicle.

Disconnect the electrical connectors.

Twist out the bulb holder and replace the bulb. Check to make sure it works before reinstalling the assembly.

Do not handle the bulb(s) with bare fingers as the natural oils from your skin will shorten the bulb life. Cover with a light cloth or paper.

Installation is the reverse of removal.

I really hate what the designers have done to cars. A simple screw driver used to be all you needed to replace a lamp and now you need an PHD in engineering to do it.

Heh, that’s progress for you Joe.

Nothing easier, as Roadrunner says. You may have to break the bulb if it is all glass, the replacements have a plastic base.

I just pulled the fuse to them.