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Dave from Bemidji episode

Dear Car Talkers: Remember the radio episode, which I’ve heard replayed on Car Talk Classics, featuring DAVE FROM VERMIDJI (MN)? Well, for all those who ALSO like old sex symbols, that’s also the hometown of The Outlaw’s Jane Russell, directed by that sonnafagun Howard Hughes. How’s that for a koinkidink?? Ray M. take notice!

Yeah I heard that a couple times. I had an office there and people tend to have to be more self reliant than city folks. Gateway to the north country. The guys that had to cover the northern territory complained that to get to some parts of Minnesota, they had to go through Canada. True unless you go by boat. By the way do you realize that Minnesota also borders Michigan, in addition to North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin? Yep, if you’ve got a boat you can get to Michigan without going through Wisconsin.

By that logic Maine, Florida, Texas, California, Alaska and Hawaii all border each other.

You have to look at the actual state borders. They do exist on the water, but I don’t see the state border of Maine being anywhere close to Florida. They’re the little dotted lines on a paper map anyway.

To get from Minnesota waters to Michigan waters you have to go through either Canadian waters or Wisconsin ones.

Sheesh. @oldtimer_11 If you look at the map, find Duluth. See the two broken lines defining the line between Minnesota and Wisconsin and Michigan going up to the Canadian border. The Canadian border is the solid line up north of there. I think you’ve got your map upside down or something. You realize the UP is part of Michigan and not Wisconsin, correct?

In fact if you go up to Grand Portage, way up on the arrow head region, on the northern tip, it’s only about 10 miles to the Michigan line and you can take the Ferry on the way to Windigo in Michigan. Yep from the Minnesota shore over water to the Michigan line, not going through Wisconsin or Canada.,-97.848883,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4d585b9a60780b9b:0x2a2c99b10fea20f!8m2!3d46.729553!4d-94.6858998

Yep, Minnesota to Atlantic via the St Lawrence (pass through Canada), down to the intercostal, then around the tip of S. America (don’t allow Bligh to navigate) then off to Tahiti then Hawaii or Australia, yep Minnesota shares a wet border with Sidney!

I stand corrected. You are right. I based my belief on the land border driving along the Southern shore of Lake Superior, Had no idea the water borders had the boundaries they did.

I dunno man, Sydney is a long way away. Pack a lunch. I guess this should be boat talk instead of car talk.