Dash Red Light (battery) - alternator

87 Integra

In 2003 Alternator was changed at a shop - after that the dash red light still worked for a few days when the car was running - then it eventually stopped.

I had to change the battery since the car wouldn’t start - now it seems wiring issues.

Now the alternator is still working fine - but there is nothing coming to the battery through the +ve cable. So the battery is not being charged. The Dash Red Light (for battery) light and the dash headlight red light came on intermittently yesterday. So I took it to Kragen - they confirmed nothing is coming from the alternator wire - but there is 15v at the alternator.

The new battery voltage is slowly going down.

Any tips on it?

There’s a 65 amp fuse between the alternator and the battery. The wire could be broken between the alternator and the fuse/relay box, or from the fuse/relay box to the battery.

It turns out the wire is not making good connection to the alternator.
It took a while to troubleshoot.