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OK- do I dare drive my 1989 Honda Accord to California and back.

Its issues-

-needs new brakes (yes, I am getting them so this is moot I think)

-has 133,000 miles

-ac doe snot work

-driver’s side window does not work

-windows only work with fuse in, and then wipers “work” all the time

I plan on getting new brakes, just had muffler done. But wipers / window the mechanic claims will cost me over $500…if he get part.

Right now I pull fuse, and avoid rainy days unless it’s a short drive. The wipers will work but I can’t control them once driving.

I’ve thought of getting that spray for the windshield that drives off rain, but Tom and Ray said it’s crap.

Anything else I should get done before I partake on my driving adventure? PS My husband is blind so I can’t let him drive too often.

Will I go mad? I mean go crazier driving such a distance in this relic?

Can I get window “fixed” some other way? Shutters perhaps?

And wipers…if I buy used motor could I fix this myself without electrocuting myself?

Cartalk inspires me, has for years, but the idea of "do-it-yurself- car repair seems much like the gym commercials right

after New Years promising abs… for 45 yrs. olds with life-long guts.

If you live along RT. 40 and are used to the heat, or you are taking a Northern route to COASTAL Ca. you might not have to get the AC fixed. Don’t drive East to West in Pa. Go Rt. 81 to Rt. 40. You will also not pay Pa. and Ok. tolls totalling about $20. No tolls are OK. You would go crazier by driving any of the newer Noisemobiles.

Thanks for toll advice. I think I may get a really funny story out of this adventure, maybe a call in to Tom and Ray…but will it be worth it? I forgot to mention my two kids…they’ll be in back seat “bored.” And they can’t drive either except maybe through the desert with platform shoes on.

Rain-X is one of those love/hate things, I like it, some people don’t. Worth a shot, and if you don’t like it, it’ll be a good motivator to get the window/wipers fixed