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Dadgum Wal Mart and their oil/filters section

How about these handy strap wrenches:

too big for his needs

The way it’s positioned up there you have to have a wrench that grabs from the bottom and we put an 18" extension on it and turn it to get it away from the axle. The only way to use a wrench with a handle on it is to feed your arm through the wheel well and around the spash guard and you can’t make a very wide swing with the handle without having to move it up and reset it.

From the bottom up is the easiest way to get it off without being a contortionist and making a mess. The problem with taking it out from the wheel well is the filter still has to drop out the bottom. For whatever reason, there’s only about 3 threads on the shaft. It doesn’t take much to turn the filter off. With a quart and a half of diesel oil in it, you don’t want to spill it and make a mess.

That deal with the 3 prongs looks like it might work. I wonder how much grip it has? This thing is always on there tight. It’s almost like the pressure on it from the oil pump tightens it as I drive. We don’t put it on that tight, it just is after 7000 miles.

I guess I’ll have to get another filter and start hunting a more universal wrench for them or just stop somewhere else to buy Mopar filters. It’s not that big of a deal if you have time to plan for it, I can always call one of the local parts stores and get them to order one or stop by the Dodge place and pay double. The aggravation of Wally World to me is the fact that they aren’t consistent. If I get used to going to a place to get supplies, I expect them to be there. Oh, I understand, out of stock, and will have more in a day or 2, but to ditch carrying what I came for and try to pawn off some other inferiror product sucks to say the least.