Dacia Logan 2016 - gear change issue


When I change gear in my car, it feels like there is a bit of resistance when pushing into a gear and sometimes I get a bit of clunk sensation via the stick.

This isn’t apparent when the car is stationary, only seems to happen when driving.

I also noticed that if I keep my hand on the gear stick when driving, I can feel it move a little and wobble as though the gear box is tugging on it.

What is the likely cause please?

You clutch system has a problem. Assuming, of course, you actually HAVE a manual transmission (you don’t say).

Clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, throwout bearing or the clutch pressure plate could all be failing. Now that is an educated guess based on what you said here:

Now, I’ve never even seen a 2016 Dacia Logan, and you didn’t give me any details about the car itself but this is my best guess based on your description.

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Thank you
Yes it’s manual

If you normally drive with you hand resting on the gear stick, it can damage the dog clutch.

And when that happens, shifting can become difficult.



Basically a longer wheelbase version of the same platform that several US Nissan’s have used (Juke/Cube/Versa/Versa Note)

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