Cylinder Head Replacement for a CRV

just found out i need a cylinder head assembly for 97 CRV with 200,000 miles-> i had codes for misfire on 2 cylinders and shop did a valve adjustment which didn’t work. They said the cylinders re-seat themselves and ruin the head after this many miles . didn’t get details once i heard the cost was $2800 to replace it. Just wondering what exactly this involves and what my options are.

I think your post illustrates perfectly what I mean by those ill-advised recommendations from Honda about only checking the valve lash adjustment until oblivion. And Honda is not the only car maker to issue this idiotic recommendation either.
Valve lash should be checked every 30k miles and adjusted as necessary. Once valves tighten up it only takes a few miles for the damage to begin.

And no, I don’t consider this failure your fault.

Unless the damage is too severe an automotive machine shop should be able to repair the head with new valves and seats if necessary along with performing a full valve job.
Other than that, I would check around (eBay, salvage yard, etc.) and find a good used one.
With a used one of course, the lash should be inspected to make sure that you’re not trading one problem head for another one.

And after this repair, no matter which way you go with it, I would strongly advise having the lash checked about 15k miles later and every 30k miles after that.