Cylinder 3 misfire?

2003 VW Jetta GL 2.0L

160,000 miles


--Engine lopes on idle.

--Lack of power on acceleration.

--Engine light flashes for first 3-5 mins after start, then remains lit.

--Radio pops in sync with RPMs.

We’ve changed the spark plugs. It’s clear they needed it, but problem persists.

Help! What needs fixing and how? And should I be driving it?

The radio pops are probably because the ignition spark is occuring outside the engine cylinder where the EM can get to the radio antenna. You might replace the spark plug cables. If that does not clear the pop and misfire, you might try an ignition coil (coil pack) to see if that cures the problems.

Good luck, hope that is it.

Definitely sounds like you have arking somewhere. Like Researcher said, try the plug wires, if you needed plugs that bad, you probably also need to replace the wires.

Good Luck!

and no, you should not be driving it until you get the problem fixed. A misfire can cause all sorts of expensive damage.