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Cutlass Supreme

I have a 1991 Olds Cutlass Supreme.

what would cause the Low Engine Coolant Light to stay on if the level of coolant is right on the line and the level has not changed and what can i do to fix it.

also i get standing water in the driver and passenger floorboards. the water comes form the bottom of the dash board. also the water is clean but cold. i was thinking it maybe caused by the AC.

Your coolant level sensor is faulty, or the connection going to it.

The water is most likely from the A/C system. Water collects on the evaporator and is suppossed to drain outside of the vehicle, but it would appear your drain is clogged.

thats what i thought but i cant find the drain

The problem is that the coolant level in the radiator itself is low, which means that the radiator cap isn’t working properly, so coolant isn’t getting from the reservoir to the radiator. Get yourself a new radiator cap and that should take care of it.