Curious about something

The recall was on the Ford Fusion. The problem was that the valves in the ABS Hydraulic Control Unit were sticking, changing to DOT 4 solved the problem. The Hydraulic Control Unit is covered by the recall, other parts are not. In your area this recall must be a pay-day for technicians with the brake rotor corrosion problem.

You are right, it is a Fusion, the dealer is telling them that the controller is not covered. They told the dealer to order the part, I will tell them to pursue it with Ford.

Thank You

As of last evening the neighbor’s wrecked Durango is gone from the driveway. I’ll be curious to learn the outcome.

There’s no road in the world with a ‘curbed’ street that has a posted speed limit in the 60-80mph range. If he was traveling that fast, he was driving recklessly and deserves every bit of pain in his wallet that resulted.

I only wish the police had stopped him, seized his vehicle, and charged him with felony reckless driving.

Although I also don’t know of any curbed streets with high speed limits, I don’t really know just what speed he was going, albeit apparently way to fast, nor just what road he was on when he hit the curb or whatever he hit. I only posted what I heard third hand from members of his family who heard about it from him.

Whatever the actual details, hopefully he learns to be far more careful.

We fave a 2 lane country road, 55mph, though 65 s normal real speed with curbed sections, there is probably four feet to the curb.