Cupped Tire Scam?

So, I recently went to the dealership to have my ford focus 02 in for an oil change, mulit-point check, fluids topped off, tires rotated. They called me and said that my tires were cupping. Ironically they mentioned they were having a tire sale and that I should think about getting new tires cause it was going to sound like I was driving over railroad tracks. I said no thanks cause I usually get a second opinion from another auto mechanic. Come to find out that they underinflated my tires significantly. One tire was only at 25 psi. I inflated my tires to proper psi. I don’t usually go to the dealership but I had a coupon so I went this time cause my usual mechanic would have costed the same just for an oil change. Should I be concerned that there is something else fishy going on?

If you have a problem with cupping tires, you have more than a tire problem. But, getting a second opinion is a good idea. If you have a good mechanic that you trust, do not be surprised if he recommends that you get new struts for your vehicle IF he thinks that you have a cupping problem.

Occasionally cupping can be caused by alignment, but most often its the struts.

How often do you check your tire pressure?

Have you taken it for another opinion? Are your tires cupping? Are they making any noise? How old are they and what kind of shape are they in generally? You haven’t said anything that should make anyone wonder.

Underinflation won’t cause cupping, though perhaps you’re thinking they wanted to do something that might increase road noise? I have no idea.

People do bad things. Businesses do bad things. Yes, maybe they were just trying to sell you a set of tires. That’s what the coupons are for - to get you in the door & sell you other stuff. You almost fell for it. Just stick with your regular mechanic.

Tire cupping is usually caused by bad shocks/struts.

This car is almost 10 years old…have the struts/shocks ever been replaced.

How do you know THEY underinflated your tires?

With the Ford “The Works Fuel Saver” service package they’re supposed to give you a multi-point inspection that includes the tires, and correct the inflation if they’re wrong. So at the minimum, they failed to do something that they advertised they would do.

If you have cupping on one or more tyres, you should correct that problem before you consider replacing the tyres.

Putting off getting an alignment can end up costing you more than not doing it.

Your gauges says the tires were underinflated. Maybe your gauge is incorrect and the tire pressure was set properly to begin with.
I threw away one of those shirt pocket gauges I had about a month or so ago. According to that gauge every tire on every vehicle I own, including my lawn tractor and motorcycles, had about 15 PSI in them. When checked with 2 other gauges the tire pressure was shown to be correct.

Cupping is a condition that is often misdianosed too. Severe featheredging due to not rotating the tires on a FWD car is often mistaken for cupping.
If the tires are actually cupped then that points to a bad strut/shock problem or possibly an tire balance problem depending on how that word is interpreted.

At this point I’m not anywhere near ready to blame the dealer for running a scam.
So does the car exhibit any very minute vibration or humming noises? Have you looked at the tire tread yourself? May not get answers but thought I’d ask.

First, did you have a vibration? If not, then who cares if your tires have cupping?

Second, I don’t like the term “cupping”. It is frequently mis-used. “Cupping” is caused by bad shocks or an out of balance condition. But the term is regularly used for wear that is induced by alignment. It is EXTREMELY difficult for the average tech to tell the difference. I prefer the term “irregular wear” as it covers both conditions.

But it is pretty common for folks to also apply the term “cupping” to heel and toe wear - which can be a normal condition.