Crude per octane


does higher octane rated gasoline take more petroleum to produce? I want to compare mileage on a volvo that takes premium (91 octane in Cal)with a camry that takes regular ( 87 octane in Cal).


It takes the same amount of petrol to produce any gas grade. The octane grade is determined by a mix of chemicals that makes it resistant to knocking. Tetraethyl lead is no longer used altho it was the most efficent anti knock ingredient Detergent chem are also added but for cleaning only. The higher compression an engine is the higher octane needed, but the shape of the combustion chamber, bore and stroke of the engine also determine octane requirements. LEE


compare dollars per mile instead and you will know which is cheaper. Just substitute dollars for gallons and it will work.


No. It takes the same amount of oil.

High octane gas does not have more power or energy than regular.

Octane is nothing more than a requirement for the fuel based on the desgine of the engine. Generally higher compression engines require higher octane fuel or they will loose power reduce mileage and/or damage the engine.