Crown Victoria Conversion Cunundrum


Ok ,Boy’s and Girl’s here is the answer…Went to confiscate my Crown Vic after the mech. had it for 3 week’s trying to figure out the problem.After I got it …it ran smoother than the day I had purchased it,14 years ago,…no stalling ,nothing.The idle was so smooth I couldn’t hear it,this was great,and totally unexplainable.The next day I put on the air conditioner,stall…stall…choke…stall.After a full day of this …perfect,it seem’s the computer needed time to readjust the idle…granted it took a while ,but it was running perfect until…the battery went.So upon replacement of said battery,yup…you guessed ,our suspision’s were right.The computer had to,again ,readjust the idle.Which take’s longer,apparently ,when your an old girl.Anyway thought you all would be interested in the outcome…Thank’s to everyone for your helpful input…Kareng