Cross battery Terminal when jumping my car

I cross battery Terminal when jumping my car alternator started to smoke Now my car is Dead AS a door nail! what should be my first step? is the ecu dead? should I replace all my fuses? did I kill my alternator? what would be my next step? thanks for any help

:03 forester 57000mi

Start with the cheap and easy stuff first by all means, fuses. If that does not work, you have a lot of trouble-shooting to do. The alternator? Well, when factory-installed smoke is allowed to escape from electronic and electrical parts, they don’t work any more. Seriously, it might work for a while or a long time, but the car should start with a good battery and a bad alternator.

Thanks for the information I checked all the fuses found one bad fuse It happen to be the main all the others ck out ok hopefully it didn’t damage the ecu/ecm “computer” or any harnesses. I hope once I replace the main fuse it will work. This is my first car with a computer I had a 79 camaro before the forester so when I crossed terminals on the 79 (rare event) I didn’t have any problems like this. I think once I get the Subaru running I’m selling it and going back to my 79. thanks again.

So, you’re blaming this on the Forester?

absolutely Dam car/suv thing with 4 wheels!— the forester is a great car! taking it apart was fun too!:slight_smile:
Really My fault human is to error<---- is that right??
To err is human <------ this is right!

These reverse polarity threads are always so painful to read… Alternator started to smoke?? Have it towed to the dealer now and prepare yourself for a four figure repair bill…

I’m going to think (+) pun intended and hope It was just the 100 Amp Bolt-On Fuse I’ll replace it tomorrow and hope for the best. What is Painful I just paid the last payment on the car Friday, Saturday I screwed up the polarity.

Sorry to hear you made the mistake on the connections. You may need to have the alternator replaced also since you say it smoked. You may have damaged a blocking diode and other things possibly in the regulator. Have the shop do a load test on the alternator and check the current draw while the engine is off to make sure the current drain is within limits.

As far as going back to the old Chevy you can do that but if you drive on wet or snowy roads you may miss the all wheel drive that the Subaru offers. They are great cars in my opinion and economical to drive.

Positive (+) thinking paid off It was only the 100a bolt-on fuse it saved the ECU I had the battery & alternator tested today they told me both were fine I hope this is the case. as far as going back to the camaro that was just crazy talk when I thought I killed my forester. I get about 28mpg hwy and 22 city with the forester. the camaro on the other hand 12mpg hwy 9mpg city 350 5.7L v8 600cfm holly w/hi intake manifold turbo350 trans with a shift kit. ran it with hooker headers NO CAT(s)! so if I don’t do any dumb-ass mistakes like this again I think I’ll keep the subaru its legal Too.