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Crazy brakes on honda odyssey

I have a 2008 Odyssey with a strange brake problem. It has happened twice in a 3 month period. Shortly after pulling off a gravel driveway onto paved road the brakes go down without me touching the brake pedal. I’ll be going between 30 and 40 when the brake pedal goes down on it’s on and is stuck there for a couple of seconds. Then it releases. The car comes to a slow crawl at that pont. There is a faint whirring and clicking in the brake area before this happens. This goes on intermittently for about 4 miles then stops. Both times I drove it to the Honda dealer but by that time the brakes were normal again. Neither time could they find anything wrong. I drive on that gravel road a few times a week for a couple of years now, yet only twice this has happened.

The dealership says they’ve never heard of this before.

We are all stumped, but I know this is not normal.

Any ideas out there?



Does your Odyssey have ABS brakes? In any event, I think you need to at least have the brakes checked by a good brake mechanic. Skip the dealership. If this happens suddenly at interstate speeds it could cause problems.

Yes, it has ABS. How would I find a good brake mechanic?

Friends, family, co-workers. They all drive.

Your van is probably still under warranty, so make sure you document this problem with a Honda dealer. The Honda dealer should do more research and figure out what the problem is and fix it for free. I don’t know if they can hook up a scan tool or computer, but they should be able to figure this out even if it’s not acting up when you bring it to them. Keep after the dealer to solve it.