Cranks but doesn't start

I have a 74 mustang II V6 2.8, I drove to work, all was well, I start the car after work, it cranks over but does not start. It’s getting gas it the carb, and it cranks nicely. I replaced the distributor cap, and coil, but it still only cranks. please help

When was the last time you replaced your ignition contact points?

what are those? and where do I find them? I’ve only had the car for 2 months, it had been sitting for 3 years when I got it running and bought it.
I’ve replaced the Alternator, both belts, the battery, and just now after it wouldn’t start I replaced the Cap and coil.

This engine uses the EECI management system. So there are no ignition points.

But it does utilize an igntion module. That’s the grey metal box mounted on the fender well. And if the engine isn’t getting spark, it’s usually because the ignition module has failed.


With an ignition switch this old, you need to check that the ignition switch is sending voltage to the ignition module. Have someone hold the ignition switch to START while you touch a voltmeter probe tip to the wire at the ignition module from the ignition switch START. If no voltage, repair or replace the ignition switch.