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Cracked Head Gasket?

My 98 Honda CRV is blowing bubbles from the radiator. Iv been told thats a sign of a craked head gasket. Its not losing all its water, but its starting to run rough. Iv got it booked in next week and have been told to expect the worst. Do you all agree?

A leaking head gasket is not “the worst” thing I can think of. It won’t be a cheap repair, but if done correctly the engine should be just fine after it’s fixed.

How many miles on your CR-V?

Leelita, Continuing To Drive The Car Before Having It Checked And Repaired Could Be The Difference Between A Head Gasket Replacement And Something Much More Drastic And Expensive.

If it was my car, I’d park it and go to “Plan B” until you get it into the shop.


158211 KM on the clock, but i bought the car 10mnths ago and in its log book it says it had a cracked head gasket in 2008, the repairs for it were $2800, so it would have been replaced then hey? Is there any other reason you know of as why bubbles are in radiator water? Thanks

That’s less than 100K miles. If the head gasket has already been replaced once, in 2008, it should not need to be replaced again this year. Unless the job was not done correctly.

There are tests to confirm a leaking head gasket. I would not authorize such an expensive repair just on the appearance of bubbles.

Something is not adding up.

Did the engine overheat, or have you had any other problems before the bubbles started to appear?

I didnt notice that it had overheated until i had pulled over. I waited till it cooled down than put water in, it only took about 2 litres.
Took it to my machanic next day, young fella changed radiator cap (said it was leaking) he said he “Bled” it 3 times and was still blowing bubbles. Quick build up of pressure and Damp in CYL 3 & 4.

I had been having some overheating problems with it a couple of weeks before this major one, it had a couple of cracked hoses and they were replaced.