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Cracked Head / Blown Head gasket

I have a 1994 Eagle Talon yesterday on the way home my serpentine belt broke and the car over heated. When we replaced the belt it started up fine but when i drove it for about 7 muinutes it over heated again. We put water and radiator copolant in it then started it up to add more water and with the cap off water started gushing out. Today i bought an engine sealant for blown gaskets and cracked heads. It said to remove the thermostat first which i did when i started it to warm it up foam was coming out of the overflow tank when we checked the foam it smelled like water and oil mixed. What are your recommendations? I am getting mixed stories about how to fix it. Plaese help.

A cracked head is very rare and this seldom happens. If the head gasket is blown then the only cure is a new head gasket and careful inspection of the cylinder head as to warpage, etc.

JMHO, but I do not believe in sealants for head gasket problems. Some sealers may work IF the problem is external coolant leakage, coolant leakage into the oil, etc. The chance of a sealer holding pressure from the combustion chamber is near zero and personally, I would not feel confident at all going anywhere in a car with a cobbled together head gasket repair.

Since water is blasting out of the overflow tank the head gasket is more than likely gone and there’s only one proper and reliable way to fix this.