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Coyote sound on engine start

This week a listener asked about a whining coyote sound coming from the dash when she first turned the ignition key. Yall suggested the starter and then if that didn’t work maybe the flywheel. I thought of something cheaper and easier to try first.

It sounds like it might be the radio antenna motor. Cheap and easy to troubleshoot. Then start tearing into the starting and engine where the real money is spent.

I Once Owned A Plymouth Roadrunner That Did Exactly The Same Thing.

Turned out to actually be a very angry coyote caught in the front grille.

Sorry to see CSA is now out of the top 20. What part of coming from the dash did I miss? I would be suspect of dash gauges cooling system controls etc. for the coming from the dash sound, I mean a starter motor is not in the dash, neither is the flywheel but at least the antenna is closer.

I’ll Keep Trying Until I Get It Right! I’ve Got An Acme Service Manual I’ll Check.