Covid - 19 side effect - Reduced Air Pollution

About the only bright side of this Covid-19 is that NO2 levels have dropped significantly in many area’s of the country…mainly due to no cars on the road. Levels will come back up when the lock down is lifted.

And now new research has come out that says air pollution makes Covid-19 worse for patients.

Saw the brightest moon and venus a couple of weeks ago. Small consolation for all the people that are going to be so screwed.

The worst air pollution is what you are breathing inside your house. Go out and have some fresh air or open your windows.

When I took my power-walk today, I encountered a Red Tail Hawk that was enjoying its squirrel lunch so much that it allowed me to get w/in ten feet. In addition to getting my exercise and getting a lot of clean air into my lungs, I was able to feast my eyes on that beautiful bird, and to get some good pics of him/her.

Get out there in the fresh air, get some exercise, and enjoy nature!


For you folks trapped in high rises in the big city, the air is a big deal. For us folks out in open country, we are more concerned with the food supply and barber shops.

That is an advantage I have living where I do lot’s of fresh air and wild life. If the deer would do a better job I would not have to mow the yard but they are hit and miss I wasn’t to happy with them when I used to have a garden. I can get within 20 to 30 feet to them before thet move off and when they do move they are in no hurry. You will have to post some picture’s of that hawk. And as barkey said clear sky’s with bright moon an star’s.

What the…
I’m just minutes from Venice on the Sun Coast. How much clearer can canals get? It’s not been a problem. You are talking about Venice, Florida, correct?
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Venice, CA? :wink:

Living near Venice, Florida, on the Sun Coast, that’s the Venice I think of when somebody does not give a location with their comment. I ride my bicycle to Venice.
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That totally depends on what chemicals you use cleaning, how often you air out the house and air filtering. We have an inside-outside air exchange system with a high quality air filter (April Air). Air inside our house is very clean. Far cleaner then the outside air in a city.

LA outside air is NOT clean. Many schools in LA have high quality air filters so the air inside is significantly cleaner then the outside.

about 15 seconds into following video is appropriate to discussion.