Could tires become oblong?


Have a 1982 Mercedes 380sl convertable, that I’ve been trying to sell on and off for some time. In the last 6 months, it’s been covered, and protected (but a start once a month).

In taking for a ride the other day to display it, i noticed right away that the front right wheel was causing the car to shake, and of course, the steering wheel.

I didn’t have this problem the last time I drove it. Is it possible when the car was sitting for a few months, that a wheel became oblong?


The metal wheel can’t change shape unless there is some impact while driving. The tires, however, could be a problem if the inflation pressure is not correctly maintained.


It is possible that a tire developed a flat spot where the tire contacted the ground. Sometimes driving for an hour to get the tire warm will get rid of it, but sometimes the only solution is to replace the tires.


hmmm, tires have been inflated properly for some time. I do live in south florida, so it’s hot, all the time. Which I’m sure could add to the possibility of the tires turning shape while the car has been standing.


Hojo, I travel a lot and am usually away (with my car parked) for a month at a time - I also live in central Fl. I have encountered the same problem (mostly in the Summer months) however the vibration goes away after a few days of driving. Oh yeah, I also maintain proper tire PSI. Hope this helps…


Could be the front brake calipers has rust built up on them from sitting and after a few stops all is well