Could Someone Check This CarFax?

Looking at this CRV tomorrow and looked over the CarFax tonight. I have a few concerns though and need some suggestions/advice/etc…

Here is the car we’re considering:

The car was taken in as a trade and offered for sale in December of 2019. It’s been up for sale on their lot ever since. When I asked about this and their thoughts on why it didn’t sell they said “it was taken as a trade when we had some incentives going on. Then Covid in NY happened, dealers had to shut down, and the vehicle was overlooked, etc.” Said its clean and in great shape. I understand this Covid thing isn’t normal but still, here dealers didn’t get shut down until March, so that left December to March the car went unsold. Is this unheard of? Seems like a long time for a car to go without a buyer but then again I’m not a used car dealer so what do I know :slight_smile:

My other concern is on the CarFax (link to it on the dealer page, or directly at‘carfax’. The second owner, toward their end of ownership, visited the dealer or other repair shop 6 times in two months, then traded the car in. This strikes me as suspicious… why would you spend that money if you know you’re just getting rid of the car soon? Maybe a lot of issues needing to be fixed and it finally got to the point of “get rid of it?” Maybe I’m just being paranoid?

If someone in the know could spend a few minutes are give me their advice on this car and it’s history it’d be much appreciated. I plan on test driving it tomorrow and if I choose to make an offer it will be on having a mechanic check it out first. But I would like a second opinion from someone here if things seem like they are suspicious (dropped $1000 off the price, lots of repairs immediately before trade in, on the lot for 8 months) or on the up and up and its a good deal.

Another car we’re considering is They are willing to take $15,500. Bonus points to anyone who wants to look at that CarFax and give me their input, too! :slight_smile:

As far as documentation goes (on the first cardiac you linked, the one with repairs), it hasn’t had oil changes done at the recommended intervals.

For example, the first oil change was done almost a year after the vehicle was first sold. It looks like the owner may have waited until it was time for an emissions inspection to get the first oil change done. Not good.

This would likely lead to engine trouble down the road, no pun intended. Just based on that alone, and the increased service visits, would be enough for me to look at another vehicle.

As far as the second vehicle in your post, I have no idea.

You do know that CarFax is not exactly accurate, right? Not all shops report, owner done oil changes will not show up and used cars tend to get shuffled from dealer to dealer before being sold. It is a rough guide, not an ironclad reference.


Not really a problem , many vehicles now have 7000 to 10000 mile or 12 month oil changes listed in the manual .

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I know its not 100% accurate but its better than nothing. I guess my main concern is the number of visits the second owner made to repair shops in the two months before trading it in. That, combined with the fact that its been on the lot for 8 months. If it looks good I’ll have a mechanic check it over but still I think a CarFax is better than nothing, especially when checking back what happened when the car was new.

Yep. That’s why I said “ As far as documentation goes”. If that post was directed at OP, disregard.

It could have been unsold for many reasons, e.g. unpopular color, price too high, lack of customers “in the matket” due to Covid. As for the second one, I would never buy any used AWD vehicle.

I do find the oil changes in the Oct-Dec 2019 time frame odd, less than 1000 mile in one case. Maybe Pep Boys screwed up on the oil change.
Who knows?

If there’s anything about the car you don’t like (and from what you’re saying, that’s the case), then walk away from the car.

There are plenty of used cars out there.


I think this CarFax is comprehensive and that the SUV was serviced at proper intervals. The lessee had the oil changed annually since they didn’t drive more than 5000 miles on average each year. The second changed oil a little over 7000 miles, and that matches my experience with Hondas. The transmission fluid was changed twice. This CRV seems like a pretty good bet. You should still take it to your mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. If it drives well and passes your mechanic’s inspection, buy it.