Could a tire balance or allignment reduce my cars shaking

about 3,000 miles ago i noticed my car swaying, almost like the wind was pushing it however i was holding the wheel straight. With newer car I thought that was super weird with only 80k miles.

So noticed my wheels in the front were burned from launches, just about illegal level where the head is barley hiding, and the back ones are almost new.

So i would say front tires 3/10 thread left back tires 7.5/10 thread left.
I swapped the back tires to the front and vice versa, now there’s shaking in the wheel while im driving 50+ rather then swaying.

so my question is, can a tire balance or alligment fix partially this issue.
or am i screwed and gotta grab 4 new tires and an alligment.

Are you just trying to crash and burn because every thing you seem to be doing is going to lead to that .

Having front tires with more thread then the rear has been proven to be unsafe .

As whether balance , alignment and four new tires will solve this will only be known after you have it done to this mystery vehicle.

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If i get the alligment done first, doesnt fix the issue, throw 4 more tires on same size, will that throw off the new alligment? or am i better off getting tires first then the alliment.

EDIT: now thinking about crashing, maybe if i do enough burn outs i can get the front tires to match the rear now.

Now, I have to believe that you are engaging in trolling.

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well damn, guy before your post was on some, maybe alligment will work, maybe wheel balance will work, maybe new tires will work. IDK

So at that point it’s like damn well since front tires lose more tread do i just lower the fronts naturally, or hit the corners with a little boost. because we can make the tires the same if thats the biggest issue. and can save me on a $500 new set. (even tho itll need to be done later next year.)

: now thinking about crashing, maybe if i do enough burn outs i can get the front tires to match the rear now.

I smell troll again.

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If this is your track day Civic, the front tires likely have taper wear out to in and that is causing the wandering on the highway. Swapping to the rear will help. Alignment won’t help.

The vibration is a balance problem, I’d bet. The 2 wheels off the rear need to ne balanced. I’d guess you may have tossed a wheel weight.

There may be a belt separation in one of the tires.

This can cause a back-and-forth swaying of the vehicle.

Now that they’re in front, it’s turned into a vibration.


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No one can see your car over the internet. First all the steering and suspension need to be examined for wear or damage. The tires need to be examined for cupping , uneven wear, balance and condition. If you need new tires, balance and alignment should be done at the same time. Burnouts cost money, high speed cornering costs money, any kind of racing costs money. Only you can decide if the pleasure you get from it is worth it to you.

It is an equation I gave had to balance in my past.