Cougar 2000 alternator problems



I am on my 4th alternator since 12/07.

Garage, dealer and electrical shop cannot seem to find the problem. Car has 35,000.

Any suggestions?


Lots more info needed.

What repairs have been done since before the first alternator died?

Any usual suspects found? (Bad grounds, worn brushes, etc)

How was the vehicle acting? Warning lights on?


Has the shop checked to see if the alternator has a full field condition going on or bad battery that is killing the alternators?


Someone is making a serious misdiagosis or overlooking an obvious problem.

If all of these alternators are legitimately going bad then the problem just about has to be in the battery cable ends, fusible link wire end on an alt. output wire, etc.
If the alternators are being replaced on the assumption they’re bad because the battery is going dead and the alt. is not charging anymore then this could be caused by an intermittent dashboard alt. warning light (erratic connection in that circuit). If the dashboard light does not illuminate then the alt. will not charge.

That’s about the best I can do without knowing if the alternators were really fried or not.