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Cost of replacing a catalytic converter on a 2004 Chevy Cavalier?

I live in Tampa Fl. I need an idea of the cost of replacing the converter at a repair shop.

A cat really is just part of the muffler. It unbolts and a new one bolts back on. Sometimes bolts need to be cut off but that’s not a problem for a muffler shop, where the work is done on a lift.
I’d say an hour’s labor plus the cost of the CAT.

@Gorm a bad cat is usually a symptom of some underlying problem (misfires, oil burning, etc.)
Make sure you don’t have any problems which will kill the new cat in short order.

Gorm…make sure the catalytic converter is actually bad. If your mechanic is relying on the CEL system for replacement…then that can be a problem in itself. About half of the catalytic converters replaced in the U.S. are replaced needlessly. The real problem crops up after the replacement of the good cat.