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Cost of an "emission clean" on subaru forester

the check engine light came on in my 2002 forester (82000 miles) and the dealer charged me $700 for an 'emission clean." this fixed the light, but was the charge exhorbitant?

No idea what an emissions clean is. It could changing of parts or sensors and possibly reasonable.

Without further explanation no real answer.

I think that was a wallet clean more than anything. For $700 I would ask what he replaced. If he claims he just cleaned something, you got taken for a ride.

The invoice from the dealership states only “emissions clean” and a total cost of $700.00, but it does not list any parts that were replaced or specifically what labor was performed? If that is the case, then you were truly taken to the cleaners, and you should AVOID going back there for service.

On the other hand, if parts were replaced, you need to come back to this thread and post a list of them, as I am having a hard time seeing the invoice from here. If you list exactly what parts (and labor) are specified on the invoice, we can give a more specific response.

In any event, there is no standard automotive maintenance/repair terminology such as “emissions clean”.