Corsica speed

i have a 1995 chevy corsica and my speed is off i think im going 60 mph but only going 55 my tires are the right size what could cause my speed to be 5 mph off any ideas

This 5mph error is in the range of designed in tolerance,designed to show you going faster than you are. My 2004 F-150 shows me going 2-3 mph faster than radar shows me going. I agree your are on the edge of to much error.

Totally normal. Chances are good that the odometer is recording the distance correctly.

Agree; the odometer has to be accurate by law. The speedo is another matter. The 1940 Ford V8 had a top speed of just 90 mph! To impress Ford buyers with those extra 2 cylinders over Chevies and Dodges, the Speedo showed it going 100mph or more flat out. My sister’s boyfriend had one of these and in spite of his speeding he never got a ticket!

so a new cluster would not help hu