Corroded cable from battery to computer

Thinking it was my battery or possibly the connectors, I replaced both only to find the cable running from the battery to the computer was severed in half. Is it possible to solder more cable to it to get enough length, or is this a special cable i’m dealing with?

These are usually just regular wire or fusible links (a special type of wire that acts as a fuse). Is the wire cut or does it look burned?

Oh, and info about the vehicle might help (year, make, model, engine, etc.)

it’s a 93 eagle vision, v6 3.3L. the wire was severed due to corrosion. I don’t know how far back it goes, but I’m hoping I won’t have to take apart the computer to replace the wire.

As long as you have enough wire coming from the computer to perform a splice, you won’t have to touch the computer.

Anyone have a wiring diagram of this vehicle handy to see whether this is a fusible link? I think it is, but verification would be good.

if you solder it you might change the ohms to the computer and cause more problems. before you do anything un do battery and get a static band for hand or you might cook the computer with static electric. ground your body first. get pro help