Correct idle speed for 1990 Camry?

Mine is fluctuating a bit between 500-400 RPM’s and sounds near stall occasionally, I was wondering what rpm the idle should be set to.


It should be listed on the emissions sticker under the hood. However, it is controlled by the engine computer. The only adjustment is the stop-screw for the throttle plate, and you should NOT fiddle with it! Find the underlying cause of the problem. Has routine maintenance like spark plug replacement, etc. been done as required? How old are the spark plug wires?

There’s no emission sticker, just a vacuum hose diagram. It’s the 3sfe engine if that helps.

My book says 700 plus or minus 50. I’d give it a tune up first, especially double-checking the timing, but if that doesn’t get it back up, the manual I’m looking at actually does say it’s okay to adjust the idle screw on this motor, though you should definitely get a manual to find the correct procedure for adjusting the idle-- you will have to disconnect some electronic components and jump some wiring terminals before you adjust it.

Thanks, the plugs are good but it does need some maintenance. It’s been idling like that since we got it a year ago but I never remembered to find out the correct RPM.

And just to put everyone’s mind at ease, I’m not going to just crank it up to 1,000 and assume problem solved, I’ll be dropping it off at my mech tomorrow.

If it hasn’t been done recently, have the throttle body and idle air passage and pintle cleaned.