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Coolla Eats Oil

My 2002 116k mile Corolla started using

2qts/week on average last yr.

I drive it 20 mi round trip to work.

Othewise it’s in great condition.

Query: Worth $2200 to have moonlighter replace engine/clutch in hopes of going

200+ miles?

Your two cents welcome … thanks!

It is probably worth the money to see what is really wrong with the car, and have somebody ie a reputable business do the work in case there are problems with the replacement parts.

You may want to investigate the oil consumption issue first rather than throwing an engine at it. You may be able to fix this on the cheap. It’s fairly common for oil galleys to plug up, especially if oil changes have been neglected. This will allow the oil to sit in the top of the head rather than draining back into the crankcase, causing it to leak past the valve guide seals and be burned. You may be able to probe them with some wire to clear them up, or try an additive that’s supposed to fix sludged engines. Lastly, you could have the valve guide seals replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacing the engine. I think some of these avenues are worth investigating before replacing the engine. The only exception would be if you know this one has been abused and neglected. Then it may be worth considering replacement first.

That’s a whole lotta oil. If you were burning all that, you’d be followed by a large blue/grey cloud. As the other posters have said, find out where the oil is going before assuming you need a new engine. There’s a number of things a shop can check, including but not limited to compression, leaks through seals etc., evidence of leaking via the valve seals (smoke on deceleration), and even the condition of the spark plugs.