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Cooling System problem

My car’s radiator fluid keeps getting very low–say about 15 to 30 minutes of driving afther I fill it up–but the radiator fluid in the overflow bottle remains between the min and max marks and the temperature gauge remains in the normal operating temperature range. What could be wrong?

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Please tell the audience your friend’s make, model, age (model year), miles, engine, and transmission type. Some cars have specific problem areas and this just might help.


If the temperature is normal, how come you’re looking in the radiator, (That’s where you’re looking, right?), every 15 minutes? In other words how did you discover the coolant loss and how much pressure is the radiator under when you open it up? Is it boiling hot or do you let it cool so you’re not scalded? Talk to us.
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Please tell us what kind of car you’re driving.

If the coolant in the overflow bottle is not being drawn into the radiator as the radiator gets low, then the radiator cap is not working correctly and should be replaced.

This will not help the loss of coolant in the radiator, however. Is there a visible leak? How much coolant do you have to add after 15-30minutes of driving?

You have a leak, so the reservoir level won’t change much.

That’s What I’m Thinking. No Seal = No Vacuum