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Cooling system in Malibu Maxx

I gave my daughter my 2007 Malibu Maxx in 2010. It had at the time around 70,000 miles. Then the problems with the cooling system antifreeze leaks. We’ve replaced the radiator 9/2011. Drove ok for awhile then developed a leak again spring 2012. Chevy dealer in 4/2012 says wed need a new coolant tank. Replaced that no problems until 10/2012. Leaks again then Chevy dealer says we need a new water pump. Replaced that item. guess what here we are in Feb of 2013 and we have another leak. Back to the dealer and they say that a radiator cap located midway down the radiator was broken apart and they replaced that. All procedures done by dealers have included a pressure check save for when the radiator was replaced. So here we are at March 1, 2013 three days after the last repair and radiator fluid is leaking from the right front of the car again. I’m at my wits end; $2,000 later and it’s still leaking. What could possibly be the problem???

The problem could be that you are taking it to the dealer. Find a good independent shop in your area and take it there. For help in finding an independent mechanic in your area, in the gray bar near the top of this page, click on “Mechanics Files” and follow the instructions.

Thermostat would be my guess. Does the heater blow cool air even when warm air is selected?

@CrowCountry if it’s any consolation, Consumer Reports lists the reliability of the cooling system as worse than average for that specific model year. Interestingly enough, the cooling system reliability is better for other model years.