Cooling fan in winter?



Yes. It’s still the dead of winter here and my cooling fans run intermittently when necessary. I might add that the outside temperature right now is 84*F in the shade.

It’s more a temperature issue than it is a season issue.


Considering you have 3 grammatical errors and one capitalization error in a single (run-on) sentence, I probably wouldn’t be so quick to impugn others’ grasp of English.

And @VOLVO_V70 is right, by the way. You have no idea how a cooling system works.

The fan does not come on right away after the thermostat opens. The thermostat opens to allow coolant to circulate. The fan comes on if the circulating coolant gets too hot. “Too hot” and “needs to circulate” are two different temperatures.


Whether the fan is running or not, the radiator will radiate heat, and on most cars, if you’re traveling faster than 45 MPH, the fan will not run at all.

There will be heat dissipation whether the fan is running or not, although the fan helps the dissipation keep pace with the heat being generated by the engine.

Since this discussion is more than a decade old, I’m pretty sure the OP solved the problem by now, so your explanation of how you think a car’s cooling system works is the only thing to resolve. Maybe this will help you:


Yeah, my question was more rhetorical than actually seeking clarification.

Hopefully, you can see by now that your statement about thermostats is incorrect.


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