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Cooling fan in 2003 Jeep liberty sport

I have just acquired a 2003 jeep liberty sport and am trying to familiarize myself with its features.

I was driving it the other day and noticed that the temperature needle was sitting a little higher than I thought was normal - right on the halfway mark.

I popped open the hood, just out of curiosity. The engine was quite hot, and the car was sitting at idle. I noticed the cooling fan had not kicked on.

I was surprised at this because I assumed the fan would be working to cool the engine.

Any insight?

I wouldn’t worry about it. The engine is going to run hotter because well, it’s hotter outside. As long as the temp gauge stays out of the red zone, the engine’s running at a normal temperature.

And as far as the cooling fan, that might not kick on until the coolant reaches 230?-240?.