Coolant - what Brand?

Need Help, Please. A light came on ?check coolant? ? I read the owner?s manual & it states to use ONLY DEX-Cool mixed 50/50 with potable water. I looked on Internet to see where I could purchase this coolant and found lots of complaints, including lawsuits filed claiming this particular coolant causes all sorts of problems and damage to the car. So, what ought I use for coolant? Car is 2000 Cadillac Seville. The car is USED - I?ve no idea what coolant it currently contains. Thanks!

Use Prestone Universal Coolant if you don’t know what type of coolant is in there now.


I would flush out the Dex-Cool (worst coolant ever devised by man) and refill with a quality anti-freeze like Prestone. You will then know exactly what is in your system at this point. Be advised that you may suffer intake and head gasket failure in the future because of the nefarious Dex-Cool. If your engine ever overheats just shut it down and have it towed to a good independent mechanic.

Get a complete flush then Peak global here, as it is compatible with all other coolants, just in case all the old is not completely flushed out.

Thank You. Is it necessary to “flush out” the old coolant (suggested by other reply) and if yes, how does one accomplish this, please? Thanks again.

Thank you. Is Peak global the brand name of a coolant? How does one flush out the old coolant? Thanks again.

If your not familiar with the correct method to flush and fill the cooling system, you may want to have a mechanic look at it. Dex-Cool is one of those coolants that MUST be totally cleaned out of the cooling system, within the radiator, engine block, and heater core, if you desire to switch types of coolants.

Tester and Waterboy have the correct idea. If all your looking to do is ‘top off’ the cooling system, and unsure if there is actual Dex-Cool coolant, which is orange, or any other type of coolant, the universal coolants are your best bet. Prestone and Peak offer the universal type coolant that is compatible with anything in the car right now. Just make sure the jug you purchase has ‘universal with all types of coolant’ clearly printed on the front.

If the coolant in the reservoir is orange, you have Dex-Cool. It is the only coolant that is orange in color.

The question of whether or not Dex-Cool really is “death-cool” is one that you will get different opinions about. I have a GM vehicle that I bought used and one of the first things I did was have the system flushed and replaced with a universal coolant.

And a “universal” coolant is what you are after - the brand is not that important (Peak, Prestone, etc. Mine currently has Autozone’s version of universal).

I suggest you take it to a shop to have it flushed out. First, they have machines that help a lot in getting all of the old out and new in. Second, you are apparently losing coolant and you need to find out why (coolant doesn’t get “used up” - it can only be leaking if it is low). Third, if you really have to ask things in the way that you have then by the time you’re done you’ll be wishing you just paid someone else to do it. Coolant flushing is not one of the easiest DIY procedures.

But…if you are determined to try to do it yourself, buy a flushing kit with instructions from an auto parts store. And please follow all of the guidelines about proper disposal.

If you don’t know how long the present coolant has been in there, I would suggest replacing it now rather than just topping it off. That way you will know what is in there and how old it is. People who are thinking about selling a car tend to leave things like scheduled maintenance go.

Thank you so much - this is much clearer for me now. At least I think I will know whether the mechanic actually does the job correctly

Thank You. No, I am NOT familiar with this coolant issue for this car - I did have an older Caddy to which I’d frequently add coolant myself - never knew there was anything to be concerned about until I began researching for this newer car. I will definitely have the car flushed by a mechanic & look at the color - just want to have some idea what to expoect so I feel more confident that the mechanic did what was required to protect the car. This info helps a great deal - thanks so much for taking your time to explain.