Coolant low in 2004 Saab 93

Coolant in my 2004 Saab 93 is low. I refilled it last week and now its out again. I am thinking that there is definitely a leak. Can anyone shed some light on a range of what I might have to pay to get this repaired? Thanks

Take a look at the radiator coolant. If it looks like it has oil in it and if the oil looks like it has water in it, then start looking for a loan. If not you may be good for an inexpensive fix, it could be nothing more than tightening a hose clamp, but you are going to have to steep to the left for me to see. :slight_smile:

Head gasket more than likely since this is a SAAB, but lets hope not. How do things look inside the radiator? Is there any signs of coolant leakage outside the radiator or around any hoses?

I assume you are not seeing any actual leakage. Recommend having a mechanic do a pressure test on your cooling system. Could be something as simple as your radiator cap. Check your car as soon as you return home from a long drive. Right after shut down with engine at operating temperature the cooling system will be at it’s highest point of pressure. This is also why you don’t want to remove the radiator cap with the system hot. With the engine off your looking at a possible hot coolant gyser!


Let me check