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Coolant leaks and fuel spills. How to clean them off?


My car has a hairline crack on the plastic water outlet stem that is part of the intake manifold. It is a common problem for the third gen Saturn SL2’s.

  • The coolant has been dripping onto cables and electrical connections below the manifold. I would like to clean this area. Is there a product I can use? Will WD40 electrical contact cleaner do the job?

  • How do you clean gasoline spills off the engine? I will need to remove the fuel line, rail etc for this job.


Try engine degreaser.

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I would use Castrol Superclean or any of the dozens of almost identical products sold in autoparts stores.

You are planning on fixing the leak first, right?

I use water to clean coolant stains during repairs, it is available in most locations.

Gasoline stains are insignificant, I make no attempt to remove them.

Yes, I will remove the manifold and cut away the broken plastic stem that is part of the manifold itself, in order to make room for the new stem.

Is Castrol Superclean safe on electronics?

Brake parts cleaner is excellent for cleaning anything under the hood.


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No, and neither is the water you use to rinse it off, cover or wrap electronics or use an indoor plant watering can with a narrow spout.