Coolant Leak?

I have a used 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I commute about 30 miles daily. For about a year now it has been going through coolant very quickly. I have to refill it about every 2 weeks. I have had it checked multiple times for any leaks and they have all came back negative. What else could be causing my car to go through coolant so quickly?

you sure it"s not in oil?

A faulty radiator cap that fails to maintain pressure can allow the coolant to boil away. Do you ever hear it boiling after you turn the engine off? Anyway, check the cap - its cheap and easy to replace.

I hope you have not blown a head gasket. I suggest you have compression checked.

My 98’ Grand Cherokee had the same problem. The plastic radiator had a small crack that leaked when on the road under engine acceleration. No leaked when parked.