Coolant Leak from Timing Cover Repair Cost

Hi, everyone,

I have a coolant leak from the timing cover on my 2003 Mercury Sable. As it has been explained to me, it is coming from the side of the engine that has aluminum housing, where the timing chain goes. I guess the seal that separates the housing from the engine is where coolant is leaking out of, which is why I have white steam, some crickitiness, and weird smell coming into my car.

I’m told I need to disassemble the size of the engine and replace the timing change, cover, gasket and seals…I’d get a new belt, require a net water pump to do the timing chain cover, need a new side cover gasket, etc.

I have an estimation at $1400…

Then, they recommended getting a new set of radiator hoses while they are in there for 200$, as well as do some cooling system work (flush out the sytem) for another 200$. It makes sense to do that work while it’s all taken apart, I suppose.

So in all, it’d be about $1800 to do everything.

I’m not very car savvy, but this seems like a bit much. I know things that involve the timing chain start getting pricy, but 1800$? Should I try asking for a 10% discount for being such a good customer? does this seem fair or high to anyone else? I’m justseeking opinions from experts…

I’d get another estimate from a different mechanic. Did you get this estimate from a Mercury dealer?

I’m not an expert on the Sable V6 engine, but something doesn’t sound right.

Why would coolant be leaking from the timing chain cover? Oil, maybe, but not coolant. It’s more likely leaking coolant from the water pump, which is not driven by the timing chain.

The water pump is belt driven, according to Gates, and I would hope it could be replaced without removing the timing chain cover.

Perhaps someone with first hand knowledge of this engine will have better information, but based only on what’s in your post it seems like there’s more being done here than necessary.

I don’t know the mileage on your Sable, but unless your car has over 300,000 miles I can’t understand why it would need a new timing chain.

Yeah, since it’s a timing chain, I don’t understand why it would need to be replaced. The car has 115k miles on it.

They did mention that it would require a new water pump to do the timing chain cover.