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Coolant Leak Follow-Up

So back again, this is my 2000 Dodge Caravan with the 3.3 flex fuel engine. Has 102KM on the ODO. Have noticed an intermittent leak from the serpentine belt/water pump area. The Water pump weep hole is dry. Once every week I find a quarter sized wet area on the floor and also notice that the splash guard is moist. I have washed the engine and the thermostat and the higher up areas are dry. Borrowed a pressure tester from AZ. Did not hold 16 PSI for 3 minutes, granted I am not sure if the tester is fine. Never felt to have a great seal on the cap area, but also had a minor splash on the release, so at least it was doing something.

Now when I was doing the pressure testing, the supposed area of the leak stayed dry. Does that mean anything?