Coolant is being pushed out

So I’m helping these old people out that are moving to Colorado I only have till 11 in the morning but their car is broke down water is being pushed out the reservoir over full line what does that mean I read up on it that it’s either a bad cap or blown head gasket but everything else looks fine it’s just being pushed out the coolant reservoir overflow hose once the car starts heating up as we’re trying to turn it over any ideas please help

Is there a temp gauge in the car showing deep into the H? If yes, the engine is overheating. If no, it could be a head gasket.

There isn’t really any fix you can do at the side of the road. It needs to be towed to a shop for diagnosis.

I am guessing there is a sad story behind this post. Good Luck

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In a situation like that one it’s very hard to know what to do, but I would have suggested you put on a replacement radiator cap. The cost is reasonable, there’s a chance it will help, and it’s really easy to do.