Coolant for dummies


bought 35 dollar coolant replacement kit for dummies and tried to use in 93 Honda…only black dust cover on onhose/pipe and it needed something to screw onto it not the grip thing with coolant recharger kit,



Huh? Sorry your question isn’t too clear, coolant usually means antifreeze, recharging pertains to air conditioning. If you are referring to “AC Recharge for Dummies” like this

This is a R134a recharge kit, it won’t work on your car. 1993 was the last year R12 freon was used in car AC, the fittings are different and R12 and R134a are incompatible. If you check under the hood there should be a sticker listing either R12 or R134. You may want to take your truck to an AC specialist for diagnosis and/or repair.

Ed B.