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Converting single axel to dually

My husband wants to convert our F350 4X4 Super Duty single axel into a dually and would like to know if this is possible. No one he has talked to can tell him exactly what he has to do or if he can. Hope you can help, he is frustrated by the lack of knowledge in our area. Barbara Rumes

The easiest way:

  1. Sell your current truck.
  2. Buy one with a dual axle.


It would require a completely new rear end, including fenders. I agree with twotone.

Agreed. This isn’t something people do after the purchase. This is a feature that is designed into the truck when it is built. If your husband really needs a rear dual axle, he should buy a truck that has it.

If you look at commercial trucks, many professionals are converting from dual wheels to “super singles.” Super singles are single wide wheels and tires that replace the dual wheels. Perhaps your husband should find a shop that works on semis and look into having super singles installed. Check out some of these links:

If your husband is trying to “keep up with the Joneses,” getting super singles instead of dual wheels will be a way to “one-up” them.

You would still have a single axle…You apparently want “dually’s”, four TIRES mounted on the single axle…

It’s not worth the effort. You would have to change EVERYTHING behind the cab, including the bed of the truck…

I am absolutely sure that Ford uses heavier duty components when it designs a DRW compared to a SRW. After all, there is 1500 # more load carrying capacity in a DRW compared to SRW.

I’m thinking this is not a good idea - and it would be expensive on top of it.

Better to buy a DRW rather than try to convert a SRW - and that may be the reason it is difficult to find info about such a conversions. Those folks in the know, know better than to try.