Converting a Z code motor to a W code CPI for a 1995 s-10 2 wheel drive


I need to know how to retofit timing covers to allow for converting a Z code motor to a W code CPI. I am having problems with oil leaking from the timing cover seal surface on the Z code block using a new W code plastic timing cover. Is there any way to find a timing cover that matches the block gasket surface with room for the exciter ring and crank shaft sensor mount in the cover? It is a high performance vortec engine longblock.


solution : sell truck and buy new one.


Even tho the blocks may be the same configuration, the ‘W’ code block may have extra metal flashing cast in at the foundary to accomodate the larger timing cover. I encountered this when doing an engine swap on a Buick LeSabre. The donor block was from a car with a distributor, and the patient had DIS. I swapped over the cam and valve covers, then found out about the extra metal for the larger timing cover when it started leaking oil. I had to fix this with some aluminum plate and JB Weld to modify the timing cover for the missing mating surfaces.


Yup, that or silicone, lots and lots of silicone. Good luck.