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Continuous Check Engine light

i have a continuous Check Engine light in my 2008 ford explorer. dealer recommend replacing a sensor but i do not know which sensor to change.

is it possible to change sensor by myself with out computer check?

“Is it possible to change sensor by myself without computer check?” Sure, if you like wasting money and time. Eventually you might get the right one. It’s probably also possible to find your friend’s house not knowing the address by going door to door to everyone in town.

It’s not difficult to get the computer codes read. Autozone and other parts stores will probably do it for free. Or for a fraction of the money you’ll waste by guessing, you can buy a cheap code reader. Or if you look online, there may be a way on your newer vehicle to read the codes without a scanner.

It appears that the dealer did not examine the car. He is only guessing that a sensor is faulty. The fault may be something entirely different. You are no better off than before you called him.

Your choices are simple. Either learn do-it-yourself auto repair from scratch, or bring your car to a professional mechanic.

Incidentally, we tend to encourage DIY repairs. In this case, however, your Ford needs prompt attention. Don’t waste time fumbling around. Have it serviced ASAP.

What code is the scanner showing?? We need this info to be able to answer your questions.