Consuming Oil

If a car consumes much oil, what could be possible cause? what can also be done on the engine to remedied the situation, for insatnce if the car is an opel astra estate 1.6 petrol engine?

How much oil over how many miles?

What year is the car and how many total miles?

Without information, we really can’t provide useful suggestions.

Everyday we have to top up oil.
1997 model
thak u

And how many miles on the engine?

When you top it up every day, how much does it need? Does it show blue smoke when you start and/or drive it?

Heres a list, but it is not a diagnosis
Valve cover gaskets
front oil seals, cam and crank
rear main seal
oil pressure sending unit leak
valve stem seals and guides
plugged oil drain back passageways
worn rings
drain plug gasket
oil filter gasket
oil pan gasket

Is it Leaking it or Burning it?? What country are you in? In the States, there is an additive product called “Restore” that can greatly reduce oil Burning…If it’s Leaking, fix the leak…

The possible causes of excessive oil coonsumption are

  • excessive wear to rings and cylinder walls
  • gummed up oil rings
  • a leak…often through a worn and tired front main seal
    exascerbated by a plugged up Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve that allows pressure buildup in the crankcase pushing oil past the main seals and other seals
  • worn out valve stem seals that allow oil into the cylinders past the valves

Do you put out a blue gray cloud when accelerating? When decelerating?
Any puddles on the garage floor?
How many miles on the engine?
Has the engine lost ots oomph over the years?