Consumer Reports 10 Best Vehicles for 2024

I expect that happens from time to time in any relative comparison, especially when judging very similar cars. Don’t they publish a statistical error bar you are supposed to use when making a comparison? There’s always a chance of rolling snake-eyes 5 times in a row with a pair of dice, but that wouldn’t mean the dice with the seeming snake-eye tendency are necessarily better or worse than another pair of dice.

My point is the claims of widely different results aren’t consistent with the actual published results.

I’ll just say that they rated my g6 very low but I ignored them and has been one of the best cars I’ve had for the 150,000 miles I’ve put on it. I just don’t trust owner evaluations on tires, restaurants, hotels, etc. you never know anything about the respondents and their expectations. You know the guy that follows the book with 10,000 mile oil changes doing the evaluation. I’m not sure how they rate LG refrigerators but glad I didn’t buy one based on them being sued.

There will be perfect cars of any CR rating, it’s more a matter of how many imperfect ones are out there.

I bought a new fridge w/one of my Covid rebates. As I recall LG was rated pretty good generally , but their widely sold models tended to have a lot of gadgets and gizmos that reduced the reliability ratings a little. The salesman was pushing me hard to buy the LG with a lot of mod-con extras; but I bought the basic GE. I said I wanted the the same model they sold to high tech offices for their employee lunch rooms. I figured the last thing corporate types want to deal w/is lunch-room fridge problems. Other than the GE being noisier than my prior fridge , it’s been a rock solid performer. Keeps my beer at the perfect 37-38 degrees consistently, better than my prior fridge’s performance.

I wanted to purchase a USA-made fridge, but they didn’t have any. Maybe there are no fridges made in the USA any more. The GE was made in Mexico.

The lg compressors are junk. We’ve just bought all whirlpool based on the local vendor recommendations with the caution that they will not last due to the new energy requirements. We did end up with a ge freezer though that met the specs my wife determined. Of course I agreed.

Over the years CR ratings have compressed. The worst category had more than 4% of their subscribers reporting problems. It seems to me that most vehicles will fall into the better than 4% categories. IIRC the categories are much better than average, better than average, average, worse than average, and much worse than average. Your G6 likely has performed well because you keep up with maintenance.

I had a similar experience with my 1998 Regal and 2003 Silhouette. The only car I’ve had where it was truly bad was a 1995 Windstar. I always did maintenance according to Ford’s recommendations yet the EGR ports continued to clog up. The dealer shop cleaned it twice but the clogs came back quickly and they only solution they offered was a new intake manifold. I couldn’t see how changing the manifold would prevent EGR port clogging so I sold the van.

My Ford truck’s (carb’ed) EGR port is almost clogged or about to be clogged, just the nature of the beast … lol … I clean the passages as a routine matter whenever I have to remove the carb for some reason. As far as I can tell there are no symptoms when it is clogged vs not clogged, so it is more academic than an actual problem. Fuel injected Fords of your Windstar’s era seemed to have had an EGR modulator that seemed to cause owner’s grief, producing more EGR flow than necessary and stalling the engine. The whole EGR idea has always seemed somewhat questionable to me. Hard to imagine something that is constantly exposed to hot acidic exhaust gasses is going to operate smoothly for long.

Take note that Consumer Reports also lists the “most satisfying” cars and the Corvette routinely comes in on top. This year followed by Rivian, also an American brand.

I had a Datsun that was “very reliable”. I hated it.

I just checked, the Prism and Corolla have identical reliability histories on CR, 1990-1997, in all categories, +/- a half of a rating. As close as I’d expect them to be.


You have a point - owners may have different priorities/circumstances but - BUT! - most reasonable people want reliability and statistically, this is the best we can do to evaluate products. Check out, from my experience, it reflects reality.

Nobody actually drives corvettes - they are show vehicles. Nothing that comes from detroit can possibly be on top.

The report I referred to was published in 1995.

And another of your baseless biased opinions. I drove our Corvette daily and so did many of the other members of the Corvette club.


“…whenever I have to remove the carb for some reason…” sounds scary. If I had to regularly remove carburetor (for any reason), I’d be thoroughly pissed. That’s one of the reasons all my vehicles are Toyota.

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My 84 Corvette was my daily driver for 3 years in any weather.

Being a first year C4 it had its issues but I was the 3rd owner and thrashed that car to within an inch of its life. I loved how it drove.


Well, how many vettes do you see on the road? Oops, my bad! I saw one the other day - the darn thing could’n roll over speed bump.
In any case, you may be an exception but generally it’s not practical for daily use. Most issues I faced with them were injectors. To be fair, almost every single gm masterpiece had non-stop issues with injectors for decades. Not sure if it’s still there but I am sure gm introduced something equally ridiculous. Based on nearly 20 years of experience as Mechanical Breakdown Inspector.

I see one (a C8) most every day in the parking garage at work. When it’s not there, it’s often his C2 in its place.

How many are sold? The largest production year is under 60,000 cars. That’s extremely low. Compare that to the Toyota Camry which sold over 240,000 in 2023. I see Vettes all the time around here in NH. Might have something to do with a NH dealer is the largest Corvette dealer in the world.


Of the museum volunteers I work with, there are at least 6 Corvettes. 3 C8s, and 3 C7s. And sometimes a C2, and a C3.

But Florida weather and roads are very good.

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