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Console Noise on 2000 Saab 93

I have a mostly constant noise, accompanied by a slight vibration on the passenger side of the center console (to the right of the radio stack).

The noise and vibration occur immediately upon starting the car, and continue for a short period (< 1 minute) after the car is turned off and the key is removed from the ignition.

The sound is loudest when the car first starts, and occasionally disappears, but always returns.

Any ideas?

HVAC fan motor?

Thanks, but I don’t think so. The sound occurs regardless of whether the HVAC fan is running and does not change in intensity with different fan settings.

Does the HVAC work properly on all of its settings? I ask that question because my second guess is a “blend door” that is attempting to open or to close, but is not able to do so, and thus is constantly cycling itself.

When this situation takes place, one of the HVAC settings (or more) will be inoperative. Can you operate the system on “floor”, “vent”, “defrost” and “bi-level”? Does it change from exterior air to recirculated air when you push the appropriate button?

Checkout forums. Just about every question there has an answer, great responders.

Open the hood and listen close near your serpentine belt. If you can narrow it down to that area - there’s a chance one of your pulley’s are going. Mine started the same way, a noise that started and sort of went away and then eventually became intolerably loud. Turned out it was my A/C Compressor Pulley.

I know you said the noise is on the passanger side - but I thought mine was too. It’s easy to hear from within the car. Here’s the hitch - the A/C Compressor pulley sits directly in front of the passanger side under the hood.

Look into it. The parts about $125 bucks through a guy named Adam in PA. His number is 267-250-0013. Or else if thats it, you replace the whole A/C Compressor for about $650 through eeuroparts. Fixed the issue for us.