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Considering a 2000 Subaru Outback

I’m considering purchasing a used 2000 Subaru Outback with 154K on it. I live in a smaller town and am having trouble finding a used Subaru outback or legacy wagon with much less than that on the car. Is a Subaru with so many miles on it worth the investment, or should I continue my search?

Older Subaru’s are prone to some expensive problems. Why a Subaru? How much $$$ do you have for the purchase? How much money for repairs, new brakes, tires, etc. in the 1st year you have this new to you used car?

Any 13 year old car with high miles is a toss-up. Assuming you keep the timing belt replacement issue in mind, it might be worth a chance depending on the price.

1999-2003 Subarus tend to have problems with head gaskets. Subaru has since fixed the design but if the head gasket hasn’t been replaced, just beware that it can be a crap shoot.

We have several friends who adore their Subarus, which is what led me to look at them. I want a car with more cargo space than a sedan, but I don’t really want an SUV.
The car I’m looking at has had work done on it recently. It has a new timing belt, new head gasgets, a new water pump, new breaks, and new tires.
I have $7000 to spend, and this car is $5000. I’m just getting ready to finish up college, and I want a car that I can drive for at least the next five or so years.

$5000? No way is this car worth close to that. Try $2750-3000.

Remember that a car is an expense, not an “investment”.

Try something other then awd for the price. Look for a compact SUV in 2wd. If you want room, don’t limit yourself and eliminate cars that are called SUVs. They are just raised, more convienient and more roomy wagons with more upright seating. People who drive them get it and much to the chagrin of those who poo poo the label, they are stuck with cramp, recliners. Btw, the Subarus Outbacks ARE SUVs. Of late, they started to loose sales to more boxy designs and have resigned to the SUV image. An older Outback is cramped vetically compared to an older RAV or CRV or other which, if included in your search, would give you a better chance of getting a reliable vehicle for less money.

i have a similar outback

walk away at that price

i also have a minivan. consider one. far superior to my subaru for carrying lumber and for comfort.

love the subaru in the winter (but have had the head gaskets replaced twice, beware)

Just for kicks try ebay.

If the Outback you are interested in is a Limited with an auto transmission in clean condition (doesn’t need anything) and from a dealer, it is priced about right. Otherwise, it is grossly overpriced. If you tell us what model it is, what options there are, and if it is a dealer or private sale, we can help you price it.