Confusion about DTI, TDI meanings

So I searched for “DTI meaning in cars” and surprisingly I’ve found close to no information about it, which made me confused and got me thinking that DTI didn’t even exist. Lol

Also, DTI could stand for: Diesel Turbo Injection, Diesel Turbo Intercooled, some say it’s Direct Turbo Injection… ? So what’s the purpose of TDI, when DTI can mean the same thing: “Turbocharged Direct Injection” and “Direct Turbo Injection”?

Sorry if this post sounds hilarious, just got me very confused and I wanted to clear up, I’m probably missing something or it’s the way it is. :laughing:

Abbreviations can be very confusing. You should see what we have to deal with in the medical field.

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TDI is a VW branding term. VW got mad when Opel put the TDI label on their engine so rather than go to war, Opel changed it to DTI.



Yes, but we can merge the disciplines of medical science and automotive technology by considering the diploma mill known as UTI.

Why would a school that–supposedly–trains people to be auto mechanics want to associate itself with Urinary Tract Infections?



Reduce the occurrence by adding cranberry juice to the gas?